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Your trip begins in Seattle, Washington. It ends in Portland, Oregon. If you're planning a road trip, you might be interested in seeing the total driving distance from.

north new portland fair Clackamas County is considering building a new bridge solely for pedestrians and cyclists. The nearest junctions are Portland’s Sellwood Bridge to the north and Oregon City’s “Arch” Bridge to the.

“It’s got to be a recipe of both,” says Raz Mason of the Seattle. Portland isn’t as green as I thought, but at least it has Forest Park, where I can run for tens of miles on muddy.

market in the near future, either with a facility or by increasing its shipping activity between Seattle and Portland, which are located about 180 miles apart. Right now, the company sends a truck to.

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Distance between Portland and Seattle is 233 kilometers (145 miles). driving distance from Portland to Seattle is 278 kilometers (173 miles). air 233 km air 145 .

Distance from Seattle to Portland (Seattle-tacoma international airport – Portland International Airport) is 129 miles / 208 kilometers / 112 nautical miles.

It's a straight shot south on Interstate 5 for 173 miles from Seattle to Portland. Three hours if you don't hit traffic. The good: You're the master of.

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How far is it from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA? It's a 02 hours 57 minutes drive by car. Flight distance is approximately 146 miles (234 km) and flight time from.

How is the drive from Seattle to Portland? I love a pretty view with mountains in the distance, but you don't have to drive on any scary mountain roads, do you? I get.

Distance from Portland to Seattle (Portland International Airport – Seattle- Tacoma International Airport) is 129 miles / 208 kilometers / 112 nautical miles.

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Get a quick answer: It's 173 miles or 278 km from Seattle to Portland, which takes about 2 hours, 48 minutes to drive. Check a real road trip to save time.